DTG2 Starter


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Just the basics. Great for shallow observation up to 50 M.

System Includes:

  • DTG2 ROV
  • 50 M Tether
  • Integrated Superbright Screen Controller

Depth Rating: 100 M

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Product Description

The DTG2 Starter package is ideal for simple observations and inspections.

Typical Applications:

  • Potable Water Tank Inspection
  • Exploration

NOTE: If you’re looking to increase the tether length, add a reel, or grabber arm please select from the other DTG2 Packages to best suit your needs, or contact us for a custom quote.

System Contents:

  • DTG2 ROV
  • 50 m tether
  • Integrated Super Bright Screen Controller
  • Smart chargers
  • Buoyancy weight set
  • Operator manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

All Deep Trekker DTG2 Packages are comprised of the same remotely operated vehicle (ROV), but packaged with different accessories based on your needs. The Deep Trekker DTG2 product line features these key advantages.

Experience how we are designing a different kind of ROV.

DTG2 ROV Specifications (PDF)

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