Mort Retrieval System


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Morts are an inevitable part of the fisheries and aquaculture industry. Throughout the smolt introduction up to the harvest, Deep Trekker ROV systems can be used with the mort digger or lifter to efficiently remove or bring morts to the lift up systems.

These specially designed mort digger and lifter tools have been rigorously tested. The technology has been refined based on customer feedback who are currently using the systems directly in fish farms in Chile, Canada and Norway.

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Product Description

With the unique patent pitching system, Deep Trekker ROVs can rotate downwards and scoop under a mort to lift it up and out of the cage, or to the lift up system. Now, fish farmers can immediately retrieve morts from their pens and complete further testing without hiring a diver.

Select from either the ‘mort digger’ designed to easily moving morts from corners or difficult to reach areas to the lift up system, or the ‘mort lifter’ designed to scoop a mort and bring it to the surface for further diagnostics.

These tools pair best with 1 auxiliary camera mounted about the ROV to switch between the main camera view and the auxiliary camera view to look down at your mort retrieval system.

Nets for mort retrieval systems not included.