Pressure Testing Facilities

Pressure testing is used to simulate underwater conditions for evaluating instrumentation, cables, connectors, and other subsea equipment. In general these hydrostatic chambers use fresh water as the pressurizing fluid. The pressurization rate can simulate either accelerated or real time transits and ocean bottom periods. Some can also control the water to a specified temperature. Electrical connections and feed-throughs and other specialized adaptations like fiberoptic or hydraulics, allow for operating equipment or monitoring sensors while at pressure. The availability of these features are noted where known.

DeepSea Power & Light’s pressure testing facility features a variety of chambers, testing equipment, and experienced technicians to help implement your pressure testing plan.

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6” Chamber Large

6” Chamber

  • 6”ID X 24” deep
  • 30,000 psi rated
Feed-thru options:
  • up to 2 each, 7/16?-20 or 3/4-16 threaded holes
  • Interior mechanical mounting holes on underside of lid
  • Manual Control Only
9? GunShell Large

9? GunShell

  • 9.25?ID X 21? deep, then tapering down to 5.1?ID over next 15.4?
  • 20,000 psi max. pressure
  • Dimension1
  • Dimension2
Feed-thru options:
  • 1 ea, 1/4-20 thru 1?-14 threaded hole, multiple feed-thrus possible
  • Interior mechanical mounting holes on underside of lid.
  • Manual and Automated control available
20” Chamber Large

20” Chamber

  • 20”ID X 48” deep
  • 20,000 psi rated
Feed-thru options:
  • up to 4, 1?-14 threaded holes
24? Paint Pot Large

24? Paint Pot

  • 24? ID X 36? deep
  • 100psi rated.
No Feed-thru Available
Spherical Chambers Acoustic Emissions Large

Spherical Chambers Acoustic Emissions

  • 9.4” and 4.1? spherical
  • designed for spherical item up to 4? and 9.25?
  • 30,000 psi rated