Mariana 10

Mariana 10

A mobile, submersible computing system for ocean exploration
Mariana is a mobile, submersible computer designed for Ocean Exploration. A glass sphere capable of withstanding depths of up to ten thousand meters houses the computer, battery and electronics.

Mariana is an ideal solution for developing a low-cost, deep-water instrument platform that can easily interface with many sensors inside and outside the sphere. Its glass housing allows easy image and video recording plus wireless, optical, and GPS data connectivity without any special ports. The Mariana system includes the following key components:

Deep-water glassinstrument housing

Subconn UnderwaterConnectors

pico-ITX Computer

Reliable PowerManagement

Custom InternalFrame

Vitrovex Instrumentation Housings Subconn Underwater Connectors pico-ITX Computer Ocean Server Power Systems Custom Internal Frames


  • 10 inch glass instrumentation housing
  • Low-cost & light weight
  • 10,000 meter rating
  • Configured with underwater connectors
  • Optical polish optional
  • Embedded computer accessible via WiFi
  • Up to 534 Whr Lithium-Ion battery capacity
  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for passenger air transport


  • Submersible computing node
  • Submersible data storage
  • Deep-water physical measurements
  • Deep-water sound recording
  • Deep-water imaging
  • Deep-water optical measurements
  • Autonomous profiling
  • Data acquisition surface float
  • Wifi surface float
  • GPS surface float

Vitrovex glass spheres from
Nautilus Marine Services GmbH


Model Depth Rating (m) Outer Diameter (mm) Glass Thickness (mm) Weight In air (kg) Net Buoancy (N)
Mar10100 10,000 10″ (254) 10 8.8 lbs (4.0) 39


Underwater bulkhead connectors:
Power, USB and 2 additional 4-pin connectors for interfacing external components.
Vacuum port:
Gas purging and vacuum sealing of sphere.
Upto Six 89 Whr Li-ion batteries. ATX power supply (3.3 VDC @ 10 A, 5 VDC @
10 A, 12 VDC @ 12 A), battery status display and magnetic On/Off power switch.
pico-ITX computer running Windows OS and accessible via WiFi through the glass.
Compact Flash OS installation.
External and Case:
MIL-spec SKB shipping case with foam padding.

Options and Part Numbers

Use the following part number plus any additional options shown below:

Pressure test to glass rating with underwater connectors.
Optical polish per hemisphere.
Sealant band Terostat 81.
Protective tape Scotchrap 50.
Orange protective shell.
Industrial USB hub.
Integrated USB microcontroller

For example, to order the 6700m Mariana with pressure test and protective shell use:




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