TrackLink Models

TrackLink 1500 Series

Range: up to 1000 meters
Accuracy: up to 0.25 degree
Price: from $15,000 for a complete system*


TrackLink 5000 Series

Range: up to 5000 meters
Accuracy: up to 0.15 degree
Price: from $34,900 for a complete system*

TrackLink 10000 Series

TrackLink 10000 Series

Range: up to 11000 meters
Accuracy: up to 0.25 degree
Price: from $49,900 for a complete system*


* A complete system includes a ship-mounted hydrophone array or transceiver, a subsea transponder or responder, the TrackLink Navigator PC software, one 70 foot cable, a transit case and an operation manual.

Integrated USBL Acoustic Tracking and Communication Systems

The TrackLink systems are the world’s best selling USBL acoustic tracking systems with fully integrated high speed acoustic communication capability. Capitalizing on its benchmark Broadband  Acoustic  Spread  Spectrum  (BASS) technologies, LinkQuest provides the end users with solutions for underwater tracking and communication at sharply reduced cost and increased robustness. An extensive line of models are available to suit the users’ specification and budget constraint.

Since their introduction early 2002, the TrackLink acoustic tracking systems have quickly become the best selling USBL tracking systems in the world. The TrackLink 1500 systems, sold to more than 12 countries in less than a year, have become the world’s primary choice for tracking underwater vehicles and objects in water depth of less than 1000 meters.

The TrackLink systems have earned unmatched reputation for robustness, accuracy and user friendliness in field operations.

Main Features of the TrackLink Systems

TrackLink System Illustration

  • Extensive use of modern digital signal processing techniques and state-of-the art DSP processors sharply reduced cost for end users.
  • Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum (BASS) technologies.
  • Strong rejection to multipaths and ship noise.
  • Fully integrated with LinkQuest’s most advanced high speed acoustic modems. The USBL transponder and acoustic modem share the same electronics and transducer. It significantly reduces the total size, weight and power consumption and eliminates acoustic interface.

TrackLink Hand

  • Advanced power-efficient DSP technology for the USBL intelligent transponders. Field operation time is increased by many folds.
  • PC Windows tracking software to display range, bearing, depth, GPS position and other information from the sensors such as an altimeter. Interface directly to the transceiver. No need for a heavy proprietary deck unit.
  • Industry’s Smallest and lightest transceivers allow easier and cheaper installation from a ship.

TrackLink Navigator Windows Software

The TrackLink Navigator Windows software integrates the TrackLink transceiver with ship’s GPS/DGPS, compass and motion sensor using serial communication. The software displays the positions of the ship and the targets in various plots and textual displays. The TrackLink Navigator software also sends target position data to a selected serial port for input to third party software such as Hypack, Winfrog and HYDROpro. It optionally interfaces to other computers for acoustic communication data.

The TrackLink Navigator software runs on any off-the-shelf PC. No cumbersome “Deck Unit” is needed to operate the system. The software is simple to use and highly robust. A few clicks from the mouse will start your tracking session smoothly.


TrackLink Navigator Windows Software1

TrackLink Navigator Windows Software2