It’s a dark ocean. Let us shed some light.


The ocean is deep, vast, and for the most part – undiscovered. The NOVATECH Tracking & Monitoring products allow for recovery insurance in deep, harsh ocean environments, for extended periods of time. A little light goes a long way.

NOVATECH Flashers provide the added insurance of a visual aid, with an intense flashing light to assist in recovery missions.

NOVATECH Radio Beacons, Iridium Beacons and Xenon Flashers are used in a wide variety of submersible and surface applications. During submersible applications, they are attached to underwater equipment such as ROV, AUV, and scientific equipment. When the equipment returns to the surface, the Flasher starts automatically to provide a visual aid to assist in the recovery of the equipment.

NOVATECH has been to the deepest part of the ocean – won’t you join us? When only the world’s most trusted name will do – NOVATECH.