The NOVATECH MMF-7500 is a deep rated, small form-factor, self-contained asset recovery strobe. A member of the mini flasher line, the MMF-7500 is part of the NOVATECH family of asset recovery devices.

This revolutionary design incorporates pure white LED technology that offers the user a range of configuration options, for both flash rate and intensity, that can be seen from up to five nautical miles.

Technical Specifications

Product Downloads

  • Miniature recovery aid is
  • Designed for long term ocean deployments (up to 5 years submerged)
  • Capable of flashing for over two weeks, once surfaced
  • Includes an integrated conductivity sensor, which activates the device upon surfacing.
  • Visible from up to five nautical miles
  • Self-contained submersible to 7,500 m
  • MMF-7500 Brochure

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