NOVATECH™ products have been proven throughout the world’s oceans and trusted around the globe for over 40 years.

The ST-400B is a compact, self-contained Xenon flasher designed to assist in the location and recovery of oceanographic equipment. The low current consumption and regulated circuitry of ST-400B makes it ideal for battery operation.

The visual range of the flasher is dependent on background illumination. An adjustable intensity control allows range settings of approximately 2.5 to 4 nautical miles. The daylight OFF switch shuts the flasher OFF during the daylight hours reducing the current drain to approximately 1 milliamp.

Flash rate and intensity is user adjustable. At factory settings, the ST-400B will operate for approximately 14 days (flashing only at night). At lower flash rate and intensity up to 27 day operation can be achieved. The ST-400B6 can operate approximately 30% longer.

Technical Specifications

Product Downloads

    • Innovative Xenon strobe flasher
    • RF detectable from up to eight nautical miles
    • Flasher visible from up to four nautical miles
    • Self-contained surface/shallow water combo
    • FCC approved
  • ST-400B Brochure

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