NOVATECH products have been proven throughout the world’s oceans and trusted around the globe for over 40 years.


The NOVATECH MMB-7500 is a deep rated, miniature form-factor, lightweight, self-contained VHF radio locator beacon. Introduced as part of the new Mini-beacon line, the MMB-7500 has been added to the NOVATECH family of asset recovery devices. The new digital circuit controller offers selectable preset frequency channels, along with a range of duty cycle options, resulting in a beacon that can be configured for a range of broadcast specifications.

Powered with Lithium, this miniature recovery aid is designed for long term ocean deployments (up to 5 years submerged), with enough power to transmit for up to 20 days. The Mini-Beacon housing includes an integrated conductivity sensor that isolates the unit’s power while submerged and activates the device upon surfacing.

Technical Specifications

Product Downloads

  • Miniature recovery aid
  • Long-term ocean deployments (up to five years submerged)
  • Detectable for up to five nautical miles
  • At the surface the beacon transmits a pulsing RF signal for approx. 20 days.
  • Conductivity sensor that activates upon surfacing
  • Self-contained submersible to 7,500 m
  • Compact design
  • FCC approved
  • Powered by 7 x CR123A Lithium batteries
  • MMB-7500 Brochure

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