SubConn Penetrator series

The SubConn® Penetrator series is a fixed installation alternative to inline and bulkhead connectors. SubConn® Penetrators are primarily used for applications placing emphasis on direct signal and power feedthrough above the flexibility provided by a mateable connector interface.

SubConn® Penetrators are manufactured from chloroprene rubber and based on industry standard bulkhead threads which can be delivered in different materials. The series comprises five standard shell sizes in straight or right angle configurations. This allows for an extensive combination of solutions.

SubConn® Penetrator designs are not strictly limited to the standard versions and custom solutions can be delivered. For instance, it is possible to combine power and signal within a single unit.

All SubConn® Penetrators are water blocked to 700 bar and are often delivered with dedicated SubConn® cables made from flexible and water-resistant chloroprene rubber or polyurethane (PUR).

Applications include

  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and subsea trencher systems
  • Underwater camera, video and lighting systems
  • Diving systems and equipment
  • Defence systems and equipment
  • Oceanographic systems, equipment and instrumentation solutions
  • Ocean bottom cable and seismic systems
  • Underwater telemetry systems

Options include

  • Customer specified penetrator body material
  • Chloroprene and polyurethane cables and mouldings
  • Customised or tailor made body designs
  • Certified pressure testing to specific ocean depths

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