SubConn Power series

The SubConn® Power series offers a high-performance, dependable connector solution to accommodate the ever growing power requirements of underwater system operators and industries. The series comprises five standard connectors, supported by a number of custom-made solutions.

All based on the proven SubConn® connector and contact design, the SubConn® Power series includes a single contact power connector, three battery charging connectors (2, 3 and 4 contacts) and a 4 contact high power connector. The single contact power connector is designed for use with a selection of cable sizes and can be operated at up to 3 kV and 250 A. The battery charging connectors are suitable for carrying up to 25 A per contact. The 4 contact high power connector is suitable for 600 V at 50 A per contact and is supplied in standard SubConn® inline and bulkhead configurations.

For easy integration with systems and equipment, SubConn® Power series connectors are available with dedicated cables, polyoxymethylene (POM) or stainless steel locking sleeves and pressure-proof dummy connectors. All standard SubConn® cables for the SubConn® Power series are of the flexible and water-resistant chloroprene rubber.

Applications include

  • Power supply for offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and subsea systems
  • PPower supply for remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and subsea trenching machines
  • PMarine battery pack charging
  • PPower supply for underwater pump units
  • PHazardous environment power supply

Options include

  • PCustomised harness cables and direct moulding to compatible polyurethane cables
  • PCustomer specified connector body material and cable lengths
  • PField installable versions for all SubConn® Power series connectors
  • PCertified pressure testing to specific ocean depths

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