Doppler Volume Sampler™ (DVS)

Your alternative to the single point!

Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS)

Doppler Volume Sampler™ (DVS).

By popular demand, our newly released Doppler Volume Sampler™ (DVS) is now available for 6000M operation. Teledyne RD Instruments’ low-power DVS is ideally suited for your long-term shallow — and now deep-water — moored current measurement applications. The DVS can provide substantially improved data quality over traditional single point solutions, allowing for up to 5 bins of high resolution velocity data over a range of up to 5M. The DVS offers you the proven precision and reliability that Teledyne RDI is known for in a package and price point that meets your needs.

The new low power DVS offers an advanced alternative to single point current meters, offering up to 5 bins of high resolution data, plus the following unique technology advantages.

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Key Specifications

Frequency: 2400 kHz
Max range: 3 to 5 meters
Min blank zone: 2 cm
Number bins: 1-5
Depth rating: 750 m/6000 m


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Application Information

DVS Application Notes
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Data Samples

DVS Data Samples
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DVS Software – as easy as 1-2-3


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Product Features


DVS 4-beam Janus array

DVS 4-beam Janus array

DVS end cap with optional Sea-Bird Inductive Modem

DVS end cap with optional
Sea-Bird Inductive Modem

Standard DVS end cap

Standard DVS end cap


  • New high accuracy compass and extended deployment life mode now available. Standard on new instruments. (Contact Ocean Innovations to upgrade existing units)
  • Four-beam Janus configuration for a profile of the error velocity – high error velocities in the near bins would indicate inhomogeneous flow due to the mooring line.
  • High precision: The DVS measures velocity profiles at up to 40 times per second, allowing mm/s precision at a 1 Hz update rate.
  • Multi-tasking capability: The DVS can be programmed to run a pre-configured sampling strategy, which need not be interrupted should the operator decide to communicate with the DVS to download data or command additional samples.
  • Optional next-generation internal inductive modem and high-precision (0.005 °C) thermistor, both from Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.
  • High sample-rate solid-state compass/tilt sensor: measures at up to 15 Hz, which we use to help identify periods of mooring line strumming in the data.



Want to learn more?

Click here to download the paper Jerry Mullison presented at Oceans 2006: “Innovative Current Profiling Technology for Moored Applications” (264K); Oceans 2006 Boston, Exhibitor Product Showcase, by Jerry Mullison, Teledyne RD Instruments.

Click here to download the paper Paul Devine presented at CMTC 2008: “Test and Evaluation of the Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS) Acoustic Doppler Current Profile (ADCP)” (524K); IEEE/OES/CMTC Ninth Working Conference on Current Measurement Technology 2008, Exhibitor Paper, by Paul Devine, Teledyne RD Instruments and Murray D. Scotney, Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

Click here to download the paper presented at Oceanology International 2008 and published in Underwater Technology Vol. 27, No. 4, 2008: “Development and field testing of the Doppler Volume Sampler” ; by PE Plimpton, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce, Seattle, Washington, USA and JW Mullison, Teledyne RD Instruments, Poway, California, USA.



Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS) Application Notes

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Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

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