Ocean Observer ADCP

Remotely monitor ocean currents throughout the water column…

Ocean Observer

Ocean Observer ADCP.

Teledyne RD Instruments dominates current measurement for the offshore oil and gas sector with the OO, a field-proven instrument designed to facilitate exploration drilling, field development, and production.

Teledyne RDI’s acoustic Doppler systems and software have been chosen by nearly every offshore operator worldwide to support their exploration drilling programs. Current data is gathered and displayed in real time to enable crucial operational decision-making. The highly versatile Ocean Observer allows users to select between Teledyne RDI’s high-resolution and long-range settings, providing optimal data for every application.

Key Specifications

Frequency: 38, 75 or 150 kHz
Max range: > 1000m


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Application Information

Ocean Observer Application Notes
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Data Samples

Ocean Observer Data Samples
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Product Features


The only platform-mounted ADCP to provide:

  • The deepest current profiling available to assist in production and rig safety.
  • Two forms of signal processing: patented BroadBand for high precision; standard
    NarrowBand for extended range.
  • Field-proven technology that operates in the high-noise environment of oil platform production.
  • A track record second to none; the Ocean Observer has been adopted by all the major oil companies on every type of platform.
  • Patented phased-array transducer, for extended range in a powerful yet compact package.



Ocean Observer ADCP Application Notes

OO for oil & gas applications

Highlighted Applications: Oil & Gas

The Ocean Observer ADCP is a key component of deep water column profiling applications. In fact, full column profiling is possible when the Ocean Observer is combined with other Teledyne RDI products.

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Ocean Observer ADCP Data Samples

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Ocean Observer ADCP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

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