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Sentinel V ADCP

After fifteen years of astounding success, the next generation of Teledyne RDI ADCP products has arrived.

By all accounts, our Workhorse Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP) products continue to live up to their name. With nearly 13,000 Workhorse products delivered worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of hours of data collected, Workhorse remains the standard to which others aspire. Now the company that brought you this technology is ready to wow you once again.

The Sentinel V, the first in our series of V products, is loaded with new features and capabilities destined to redefine and revolutionize your current profiling activities.

Key Specifications

Range: 20m, 50m, or 100m
Max Depth: 200m
Configuration: Self-contained


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Hardware Features

Sentinel V Hardware Feature
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Software Samples

Velocity Software Features
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Sentinel V Hardware Features



The new Sentinel V is the first product configuration to be released from our next generation line of V ADCP products. This self-contained instrument is available in three profiling ranges: 20m, 50m and 100m.

Exciting new Sentinel V hardware / firmware features include:


Multiple simultaneous sampling strategies

Now, two users with vastly different interests in the same environment can share a single ADCP to accomplish the data collection goals of both, essentially doubling hardware output.


High-speed wireless data download

Lose the cables. Wireless functionality allows you to fly through your data download and instrument reconfiguration, saving you time and money.

This feature also allows for wireless set up and software/firmware updates.


Record every measurement

There’s no need to decide in advance what time scales are of interest. Sentinel V has the memory and ability to record all raw data, allowing you to investigate features of interest over time scales that you can determine at a later date.



5 beams for data redundancy and enhanced measurements

An integrated 5th beam provides a third vertical velocity measurement and a 5th range to the surface measurement, allowing for enhanced turbulence and waves measurement capabilities.

  • Measure vertical velocity profile
  • Measure high resolution echo intensity profile
  • Measure range to the surface
  • Allows turbulence measurements
  • Allows error velocity validation with 3 beam solutions
  • Allows redundant error velocity validation with 4 beams
  • Allows zero up waves parameter


Off-the-shelf battery option

Gear up for your next deployment at the corner store. The Sentinel V reduces your operating costs and increases convenience with its ability to accept standard alkaline D batteries. (Good for 1 – 3 month typical deployment set up.)


Looking for a longer deployment?

Go with a Teledyne RDI supplied battery pack option, best suited for 12 to 24 month deployments. External battery cases are also available for longer deployment requirements.



Increased portability

Grab it and go! The Sentinel V is smaller than its Workhorse predecessor and includes a convenient removable carrying handle. Save that cradling for babies – not instruments.


Multiple bandwidths

User selectable bandwidth options offer the best of both worlds: wide bandwidth for high resolution and low noise measurements, narrow bandwidth for equal accuracy with extended profiling range.



Single digit start up

Start your instruments with a simple touch of your finger. The instrument will give an audible signal to know you’ve turned it on, and will time out to save battery life if you don’t engage the instrument.


Uninterrupted Data Collection

Upload recorded data in the background while reconfiguring your instrument.



Replaceable transducer pucks

Transducer heads are potted and installed individually, making it easy and cost effective to swap out a damaged transducer.


Flood resistant electronics chamber

Separate battery and electronics chambers help to safe guard your system’s electronics.


…and captured O-rings

Dove tail groove retains o-ring in its groove and “snaps” into place so you know it’s properly seated.



Velocity Software Features

velocity software


A revolutionary new ADCP deserves a revolutionary new software platform

The Sentinel V is much more than a new product platform — it’s a completely new way of interacting with your ADCP and your collected data.

The Sentinel V’s new ReadyV and Velocity software are sure to become the industry benchmark, with its powerful features, multiple views, touch-screen capability, and highly intuitive interface.

If you can navigate a smart phone—you’re ready for Velocity.


sentinel diagram1
sentinel diagram2
sentinel diagram3
sentinel diagram4

ReadyV / ReadyVLite Pre-deployment Software

ReadyV is an all-purpose, real-time planning tool with an interface simple enough for a brand new ADCP user, yet powerful enough for the seasoned pro.

Features include:

  • Onboard Software. The software required to configure, deploy, and recover your data is resident on the ADCP. That means no software to install, no administrator access to acquire, and no need for a dedicated computer. All that’s required to communicate with your ADCP is a computer of opportunity and web browser. This feature also allows you to keep your system’s software and firmware up to date.
  • Intuitive Interface. Velocity delivers a user-friendly interface that literally steps you through your pre-deployment planning to configure the Sentinel V for deployment, running all pre-deployment tests, and starting the deployment properly configured for the task at hand.
  • Onboard Maintenance Log. When was the last time the compass was calibrated? The batteries changed? O-Rings replaced? Now this information and more can be stored on the Sentinel V itself, for ready access whenever you are connected to the instrument.

Velocity: Post-Processing Software

Sentinel V’s ADCP post-processing software provides users with turnkey processes and tools that will wow even our most seasoned ADCP veterans.

The features are too many to list in this small space, but highlights include:

  • Intricate 2D and 3D graphs including:
    • Time series graphs
    • Contour graphs
    • Profile graphs
    • 3D surface / contour / profile graphs
  • Basic/conventional processing features including averaging, coordinate transforms, and velocity reference
  • Comprehensive, advanced, and fully customizable data processing engine
  • A comprehensive log of all loaded and recent data files
  • Export to multiple output formats

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