Workhorse Long Ranger ADCP

The name says it all…

Long Ranger ADCP

Workhorse Long Ranger ADCP.

For long-range, long-term deployments, the Long Ranger is the best choice for collecting detailed data on seasonal and annual current structure fluctuations for scientific research and offshore oil and gas applications.

The highly reliable Long Ranger delivers the precision accuracy you require, combined with the dependability of RDI’s proven Workhorse products.

Hundreds of Long Ranger units are currently deployed on:

  • environmental monitoring buoys
  • offshore oil rigs
  • polar research moorings

Key Specifications

Frequency: 75 kHz
Max range: up to 600 Meters
Max Depth: 1500M / 3000M
Configuration: Self-contained, direct reading, or remote head


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Application Information

Workhorse Long Ranger Application Notes
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Data Samples

Workhorse Long Ranger Data Samples
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Product Features

  • Provides the longest profiling range available from a self-contained ADCP.
  • Patented BroadBand signal processing produces precise measurement,allowing frequent sampling with extended battery life.
  • Long Ranger inherits the Workhorse family electronics that have been proven in thousands of RDI ADCP applications.
  • Set it and forget it: Three, six,twelve-month-long successful deployments from polar waters to the tropics.

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Workhorse Long Ranger ADCP Application Notes

FUGRO GEOS rises to Thunder Horse Challenge

Image courtesy of Fugro GEOS

Highlighted Application:
Long Rangers for oil & gas applications

The Long Ranger ADCP is a key component of deep water column profiling applications. In fact, full column profiling is possible when the Long Ranger is combined with other Teledyne RDI products.


“Fugro GEOS Rises to Thunder Horse Challenge”; Fugro GEOS Newsletter, AQUA No. 18, 2008.

Long Ranger for Oceanographic Research Applications

Highlighted Application:
Long Rangers for Oceanographic Research

Due the its extended range, and extended deployment life, the Long Ranger has been a long standing, highly reliable tool for deep water oceanographic research projects.

download International Ocean Systems Article (478 Kb)

Top to bottom Long Ranger application

Highlighted Application:
Top-to-bottom Communications with the Deep Sea Ocean Link DOMEST

The DOMEST project examines the ocean surface exchanges and the sediments near the ocean bottom. Scientists need information about deep sea currents, resuspension of particles, particle load and “fluffy layer conditions” to study the final life stage of plankton as it dies and settles on the sea floor.
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Workhorse Long Ranger ADCP Data Samples

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Workhorse Long Ranger ADCP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

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