Workhorse Monitor ADCP

Direct read unit for real-time current monitoring…

Workhorse Monitor

Workhorse Monitor ADCP.

The Monitor is Teledyne RD Instruments’ most popular direct-reading Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler. The unit is typically bottom frame-mounted and hard-wired to shore to provide real-time monitoring of coastal currents.

The Monitor’s high data accuracy and reliability make it a favorite for deployments in high-volume traffic areas such as ports and harbors, where the data is often integrated into a Vessel Traffic Monitoring System.

Key Specifications

Frequency: 300, 600 or 1200 kHz
Max range: up to 160 M
Max Depth: 200M / 6000M
Configuration: Direct reading


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Application Information

Workhorse Monitor Application Notes
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Data Samples

Workhorse Monitor Data Samples
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Product Features

The only platform-mounted ADCP to provide:

  • Extreme accuracy and reliability: The Monitor is ideally suited for the most demanding environments, including high traffic areas such as ports and harbors.
  • Versatility: This direct reading unit can easily be upgraded to tackle a wide variety of coastal applications. Typical upgrades include pressure sensor, external battery pack, bottom tracking, and directional wave measurement—a single instrument can do it all!
  • Precision data: Teledyne RDI’s patented BroadBand signal processing delivers very low-noise data, resulting in unparalleled data resolution and minimal power consumption.
  • A four-beam solution: Teledyne RDI’s patented 4-beam design improves data reliability by providing a redundant data source in the case of a blocked or damaged beam; improves data quality by delivering an independent measure known as error velocity; and improves data accuracy by reducing variance in your data.
  • Budget an issue? This product is available in our new value priced basic Express Configuration. Same broadband quality, with basic current profiling capabilities.
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Workhorse Monitor ADCP Application Notes

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Highlighted Application:
ADCPs Measure Deep Water Abyssal Storms

Texas A&M’s researchers Ian MacDonald and William Bryant have completed the first phase of a bottom boundary layer study in 2200m of water in the Gulf of Mexico. They used the Alvin submersible, owned by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, which was equipped with a deepwater 300kHz ADCP to measure 60-90 meters of currents next to the ocean floor.
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ADCPs for discharge measurements

Highlighted Application:
A report from Teledyne RDI Customer Drs. M. Schroevers of Aqua Vision: High River-Discharge Measurements on the Rivers Rhine and Maas

Three years ago the small country I call home, the Netherlands, became world news as it came close to being flooded by the rivers Rhine and Maas. Close…but most of us kept our feet dry. River-discharge measurements have intensified significantly since then.
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ADCPs aid in the Americas Cup

Highlighted application:
ADCPs and the America’s Cup

Thanks to ADCP™ work by Ross Vennell at Otago Universityin New Zealand , the Cup defenders will have very detailed pictures of tidal current patterns around the course and through the tidal cycle.
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Highlighted Application:
Real-Time Current Monitoring

Woods Hole Group has recently installed PORTS (Physical Oceanography Real-Time System) for monitoring currents in the approaches to the main shipping channel at Long Beach Harbor, California. An Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP™) is installed on a bottom platform located 1km west of the entrance to the harbor breakwater.
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Workhorse Monitor ADCP Data Samples

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Workhorse Monitor ADCP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

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