Quartermaster ADCP

Remotely monitor ocean currents throughout the water column…

QuarterMaster ADCP

Workhorse QuarterMaster ADCP.

Teledyne RDI’s new 150 kHz QuarterMaster ADCP has been designed to fill a gap between our 300 kHz Workhorse ADCPs and our 75 kHz Workhorse Long Ranger. This unit offers an extended current profiling range over our higher frequency units, in our proven Long Ranger configuration. The Quartermaster is ideally suited for applications in which you’re interested in measuring the top 300 meters of the water column. The highly versatile QuarterMaster can also be upgraded to include our bottom tracking option.

Key Specifications

Frequency: 150 kHz
Max range: < 350m
Configuration: Self-contained, direct reading, or vessel mount


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Application Information

QuarterMaster Application Notes
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Data Samples

QuarterMaster Data Samples
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Product Features

The only platform-mounted ADCP to provide:

  • Workhorse versatility. The Workhorse Quartermaster can be configured to meet your deployment requirements.Self-contained, real-time, stationary or moving, the Quartermaster is the solution.
  • Workhorse precision. Teledyne RDI ís patented BroadBand signal processing produces high-resolution,precise measurements without compromising battery life.
  • Workhorse reliability. The Quartermaster boasts the same Workhorse electronics that have been proven in thousands of RDI ADCP applications around the globe. Set it and forget it – the highly reliable and energy-efficient Quartermaster can be deployed for three, six, or even twelve months of worry-free operation.
  • Need a turnkey mooring solution?
    RDI has partnered with Flotation Technologies to provide you with one stop shopping.



Quartermaster ADCP Applications

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Quartermaster ADCP Data Samples

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Quartermaster ADCP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

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