CobraTac Diver Navigation & Mapping System

Revolutionary advancement in diver navigation


The CobraTac Diver Navigation and Mapping System has been designed to assist military and commercial divers in reconnaissance and mapping applications.

This navigation and survey platform is completely autonomous and operates without the need for acoustic baselines or floating surface buoys.

By integrating the data from a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), fluxgate compass and pressure transducer, COBRA-TAC allows the diver to quickly and easily map the bottom topography, navigate accurate grid patterns, mark and relocate waypoints, and survey the bottom using geodetic data points.

Key Specifications

Velocity Range: +/- 7.5m/s
Min Altitude: 0.5m
Max Altitude: 30m
Max Depth: 90m
Battery Life: 7 hours


CobraTac Driver Datasheet (low resolution)
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Navigation Product Selection Guide
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Application Information

CobraTac Application Notes
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Data Samples

CobraTac Data Samples
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CobraWare Software
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CobraTac FAQs
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Product Features

  • Waypoint, grid, mark and survey navigation
  • Location marking and tagging
  • Automatic bathymetric data collection
  • Diver track and event mapping
  • Bathymetric mapping
  • User-friendly setup/download software

CobraTac Application Notes



  • Diver navigation and positioning
  • Underwater search and recovery
  • Underwater survey and mapping

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CobraTac Data Samples

CobraTac data 1

CobraTac data 2

CobraWare Software

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CobraTac FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

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