3M Scotchcast Resin/Splice Kits

3M Scotchcast Resin/Splice Kits

Scotchcast 82A-1 Resin Splice
Scotchcast 82-A Series Splice
Scotchcast 82-A/82-A2 Resin

Unlock unparalleled performance with 3M’s ScotchCast resin and splice kits. Designed for seamless compatibility, these kits integreate effortlessly with our renowned SubConn overmold connectors. When paired with SubConn’s neoprene or polyurethane cables, and with proper preparation, a fantastic bond is formed. Watch 3M’s Step-by-Step Guide to witness the simplicity and efficiency of using these kits.

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Dive into the world of top-tier splicing solutions. Trust in Ocean Innovations for quality, performance, and ease of use.

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