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PBOF – Cable Systems

PBOF - Cable Systems

AMETEK SCP, Inc. manufactures a variety of connector and cable assemblies. In addition to traditional molded and gland sealed assemblies, we also provide an innovative type of cable assembly. Many subsea electrical and optical cable and connection systems are now utilizing PBOF cabling solutions. These cables utilize an elastomeric tube as a conduit for electric wires and fiber optic lines. This conduit is filled with a compensating fluid, allowing the sea pressure to freely communicate with the interior volume, equalizing the pressure in the assembly. This cable type provides for a highly reliable (and configurable) cable system suitable for many subsea applications. This technology is in broad use in shipboard and ROV systems, ocean science observatories, towed arrays, and drilling systems.

AMETEK SCP, Inc. has the capability to manufacture PBOF cable systems, including electrical and fiber optic cabling. Call or email us to assist with your application!

PBOF Cable, Connectors, and Pressure Vessel

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