ROTVs and Sleds

Remotely Operated Towed Vehicles – ROTVs

We have delivered several towed vehicles to date. Each project was a collaborative effort with the operator to provide a platform made to carry their specific payload.

Passive sleds are best suited for deeper applications, and when the depth of operation is controlled by how much cable is paid in and out.

Active sleds are fitted with dive wings and/or elevons that the operator can control from the ship. They are used when the applications call for frequent undulations or altitude keeping, etc.

USGS Bio-acoustic Sled

If your applications require covering large areas and gathering big data, a remotely operated towed vehicle is a great solution.

Our design philosophy

Adjustable ballast and buoyancy

Adjustable tow-point

Adjustable control surfaces to minimize pitch and roll

Protective elements that can be quickly replaced in case of failure in the field

Large U-bolts and/or anchoring points for tag-lines

Smooth under-carriage to slide the sled onto the deck and ease recovery

Bellamare Discussion

Tow Fish and Smaller Sleds

Our smaller platforms have a great track record and can be fitted with an affordable navigation system (see our NavBox) and/or an ROV-style twisted-wire telemetry pod.

Tow Fish and Smaller Sleds

Mini sled
Smaller Sleds

Our architecture of choice

Bellamare Mux
Bellamare Relay
Bellamare User Interface
A fiber-optic tether allows for a very high data rate (from 2.5Gbps and up).Mux cards that provide each sensor their own independent channel

Add Relays, A/D Cards, Motors Drivers, and Power bricks for automation and control.
Data is collected and displayed in real-time onboard the support ship using a versatile, highly customizable user-interface.

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