In-Situ Plankton Imaging and Images Analysis


Bellamare manufactures in-situ plankton imagers used to study and monitor plankton populations. The company also provides services to analyze images gathered with the ISIIS plankton imaging system.

ISIIS plankton imagers provide information relating to ocean health, global warming, ocean acidification, invasive species, or other ecological issues.

Plankton is at the base of the food chain in the oceans. The small phytoplankton, by extracting energy from the sunlight and available nutrients, will feed zooplankton which will then sustain a large and very diverse community of ocean creatures from the smaller sardines to the most charismatic mega-faunas like sharks, tunas, and whales. No plankton means no life in the Ocean.

The monitoring of the plankton population, as well as the knowledge of plankton population dynamics, help scientists, gain a better understanding of the ocean’s ability to sustain fisheries resources.

Bellamare has designed a shadowgraph imaging system able to sample large volumes of water at high speed for zooplankton ecology.

It is complementing and sometimes replacing traditional net sampling techniques for the study, monitoring, and management of fisheries resource and environmental impacts studies (such as oil-spills and coastal developments for example).

So more users can benefit from faster data collection and analysis, we also focus on providing automated plankton sorting solutions.

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