Interfaces for Environmental Sensors and Vehicles

Plug-in App for Ocean Data Acquisition Survey Platforms

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Discover the future of oceanographic data acquisition with the innovative plug-in app developed through a collaborative effort between Bellamare and Sixclear. This modular architecture framework is designed to create interfaces for new or existing instruments and vehicles swiftly. It’s a game changer in the field of marine research, offering flexibility and efficiency for a variety of oceanographic applications. 
Bellamare and Sixclear

Pair this cutting-edge technology with our telemetry expertise to launch or reconfigure Remotely Operated Towed Vehicles (ROTVs) or environmental platforms. This solution is ideal for researchers and engineers looking for scalable and customizable data acquisition systems.

Telemetry cards with:

  • 16 Serial Channels
  • 8 GigE Ethernet ports

Converted to:

  • 1 multiplexed fiber-optic channel
    with up to 5 Gbits/sec throughput

Your custom user interface allows you to:

  • Modular Framework: Allows quick creation of interfaces for various instruments and vehicles. 
  • Customizable User Interface: Log data from serial instruments, add a 32-channel analog/digital converter, and display data in chart form.
  • Complex Payload Integration: Seamlessly interface with complex payloads like sonars using independent communication ports.
  • Control and Monitoring: Manage power to instruments via Serial relay board and control motors or linear actuators.
  • Enhanced Navigation Display: Monitor the vehicle’s flight path and attitude for precise operation. 

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