Interfaces for environmental sensors and vehicles

Plug-in App for Ocean Data Acquisition Survey Platforms

Labview Code

Bellamare and Sixclear have partnered to provide a plug-in, modular architecture framework that allows to quickly create new instruments/vehicles interface.
Bellamare and Sixclear

Pair this capability with our expertise in telemetry to launch a new, or reconfigure an existing ROTV, or environmental platform.

Telemetry cards with:

  • 16 Serial Channels
  • 8 GigE Ethernet ports

Converted to:

  • 1 multiplexed fiber-optic channel
    with up to 5 Gbits/sec throughput

Your custom user interface allows you to:

  • Log all data from your instruments serial instruments
  • Add a 32 channels Analog/digital converter for your analog instruments
  • Display the upcoming data in chart form
  • Interface any complex payload (such as sonars) with their dedicated software using independent communication ports
  • Control the Serial relay board to turn the power on/off to instruments
  • Control motors or linear actuators
  • Display vehicle flight path and attitude

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