BIRNS Millennium 3F

The BIRNS Millennium 3F size is perfect for applications with tight dimensions, yet high performance requirements. It is available with one contact and withstands high open faced pressure to 6,000m (8,750 PSI). This incredibly compact (Ø19mm / Ø.75″) powerful connector provides high bandwidth connectivity in a low profile package. The BIRNS 3F is perfect for small Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) with telemetry capabilities, towed or untowed data acquisition devices or high definition underwater visual applications.

The fiber optic version of the 3F is an extremely robust system compatible with both single and multi-mode optical fibers, and is the most advanced connector of its type—resistant to mechanical damage and delivering high bandwidth data with negligible signal degradation. Click here to see a Millennium 3F Optical Fiber Loss Demonstration. It’s specially engineered for applications requiring long cables, thanks to its precision optical alignment and BIRNS’ sophisticated cable termination. The BIRNS Millennium 3F has been rigorously tested by the company’s expert ETA-I certified optical technicians, with ≤.3dB of optical loss, with testing IAW ANSI/TIA/EIA-455. Fiber optic configurations for the Millennium 3F may have different overall dimensions than standard BIRNS Millennium electrical connectors. Contact for detailed technical information.


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