Phantom® P150

Highly Maneuverable in Confined Areas

Phantom P150

Phantom® P150 Technology

The Phantom® P150 is a portable system designed for underwater inspections, NDT and FME identification/retrieval in areas such as recirculation piping. Hardwired for fast and easy integration with accessories and easy fault detection, the Phantom® P150 is ideally designed for the nuclear industry with stable materials and FME concerns as a top priority.

Phantom p150

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48 volts DC motors, driven at around 60VDC
Individually controlled
Mineral oil filled compensator on shaft seal
Weight & Size

Vehicle Weight: 18 kg (40 lbs)
Vechicle Length: 64.25cm (25.30 in)
Vechicle Width: 35.24cm (13.875 in)
Vechicle Height: 29.21cm (11.5 in)

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Phantom p150

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