LED Multi SeaCam®

LED Multi SeaCam

  • Integrated LEDs
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Sapphire viewport
  • 4,000 m depth rated titanium housing

The LED Multi SeaCam has LED lights integrated into the housing. This self-lit camera is ideal for applications that require light within a limited space. Features include a sapphire port, dimming capabilities, and a titanium housing with a 4,000 m depth rating.

The LED Multi SeaCam includes a mounting bracket with titanium inserts.

The Multi SeaCam® offers similar capabilities without integrated LEDs.

Depending on your connection, some of the design files are larger and will take time to download.

Optical LED-MSC-1055
Low-Light B&W
Lens 2.8 mm, f/2.8 5 mm, f/2.8 3 mm, f/2.0
Focus Fixed, wide angle Fixed Fixed, wide angle
FOV in Water 77° H x 59° V x 98° D 57° H x 45° V x 71° D 75° H x 60° V x 85° D
Video LED-MSC-1055 LED-MSC-1065 LED-MSC-2065
Image Sensor 1/3 inch CCD 1/2 inch CCD 1/3 inch CCD
Resolution 400+ TVL 570 TVL 460 TVL
Faceplate Illumination .27 Lux at f/2.8 0.01 Lux at f/2.8 1.1 Lux at f/2.0
Signal to Noise >45 dB 46 dB >45 dB
Video Output Composite, 1.0 Vp-p 75 ohm, unbalanced
Environmental LED-MSC-1055 LED-MSC-1065 LED-MSC-2065
Depth Rating 4,000 m
Operational Temperature -20° C to 40° C
(-4° F to 104° F)
-10° C to 40° C
(14° F to 104° F)
-30° C to 40° C
(-22° F to 104° F)
Electrical LED-MSC-1055 LED-MSC-1065 LED-MSC-2065
Power 11-30 VDC
LED output may be diminished below 14 VDC
Max Current 410 mA
Mechanical LED-MSC-1055 LED-MSC-1065 LED-MSC-2065
Housing Titanium
Port Sapphire
Outer Diameter 47.4 mm
(1.86 in)
Overall Length
without connector
106.5 mm
(4.19 in)
Weight in Air
with BH4MP
459 g (16 oz)
Weight in Water
with BH4MP
112 g (4 oz)
Connector LED-MSC-1055 LED-MSC-1065 LED-MSC-2065
Other connectors available

LED Multi SeaCam dimensions