Diver Video System


Diver Video System Large
  • Ultra Compact
  • Super Lightweight
  • Records on USB Flash Drive
  • Operates on a Water Resistant Battery or AC
  • Captures Audio, Video, and Still Images
  • Automatically Assembles Videos & Images into an HTML Report
  • Works with NTSC & PAL Cameras
  • Specifications
  • Manual

At the heart of the DVS-300 is the CCU-10 Camera Control Unit which offers a 12.1” display in one of the most compact and portable system control units available, weighing only 12 lbs. The CCU-10 gives divers a simple and convenient way to record audio, video, and still images; while running on either AC or two hot-swappable 18v rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. It includes both an internal microphone and an external audio input.

The user-friendly video system is capable of simultaneously capturing full frame rate video, as well as more compact low frame rate video and still images from either NTSC or PAL cameras. The CCU-10 can automatically assemble videos and images into an HTML report on a USB storage media for easy follow up and distribution.

All DVS-300 Diver Video Systems include two ultra-compact, super bright, dimmable LED lights, one small camera, and a 100 m (328 ft.)