Micro SeaLaser

  • <5 mW red or green laser, dot or line
  • Compact titanium housing
  • 6,000 m depth rated
  • Dual mounting bracket available
    • Creates and maintains parallel beams
    • Excellent for scaling and measurement
    • Accommodates most SeaCam® cameras

The compact Micro SeaLaser features a sapphire port, a titanium housing, 6,000 m depth rating, and a <5 mW Class III-A semiconductor laser diode. Uses include underwater aiming, scaling, and alignment. This subsea laser has a long life, compact size, and wide input voltage.

A mounting bracket is available to fit two lasers and a SeaCam. The two lasers are 10 cm apart and use either dots or lines to add scale to video or photographic images.


Laser Red Laser Green Laser
Type Continuous Wave Semi-conductor laser diode Class III-A
Beam Diameter 1.8 mm x 0.5 mm <2 mm
Wavelength 635 nm 532 nm
Beam Divergence 0.09 mRad x 0.19 mRad 1.2 mRadians
Beam Power <5mW
Beam Type Dot or Line
Environmental Red Green
Depth Rating 6,000 m
Electrical Red Green
Voltage 7~30 VDC
Current 47 mA
Mechanical Red Green
Housing Titanium 6AL-4V
Port Sapphire, anti-reflective coated
Outer Diameter 18.8 mm
(0.74 in)
Overall Length
without connector
120.3 mm
(4.74 in)
Weight in Air 75 g
(2 oz)
Weight in Water 40 g
(1 oz)
Connector Red Green
Connector Impulse Sub-Miniature Connector IE55 2-pin
Pinout 1 = Ground
2= Power
Accessory Red Green
Dual Micro SeaLaser Mount

Micro SeaLaser dimensions



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