SeaLaser 100

  • <5 mW red or green laser, dot or line
  • Delrin® housing
  • 2,000 m depth rated
  • Dual mounting bracket available
    • Creates and maintains parallel beams
    • Excellent for scaling and measurement
    • Accommodates all SeaCam® cameras

The SeaLaser 100 features a 2,000 m depth rating, <5mW Class III-A semiconductor laser diode, Delrin® housing, and multiple connector options. Uses include underwater aiming, scaling, and alignment. This subsea laser has a long life, compact size, and wide input voltage.

A mounting bracket is available to fit two lasers and a SeaCam. The two lasers are 10 cm apart and use either dots or lines to add scale to video or photographic images.


Laser Red Laser Green Laser
Type Continuous Wave Semi-conductor laser diode Class III-A
Beam Diameter elliptical 1.8 mm x 0.5 mm circular
Wavelength 635 nm 532 nm
Beam Divergence 0.09 mRad x 0.19 mRad  <1.2 mRad
Beam Alignment Beam runout 5 cm at 10 m (2 in. at 33 ft) max
Environmental Red Green
Depth Rating 2,000 m
Electrical Red Green
Voltage 7-27 VDC
Current 250 mA
Mechanical Red Green
Housing Acetal plastic (Delrin)
Port Acrylic
Outer Diameter 3.0 cm
(1.2 in)
Overall Length
without connector
15.24 cm
(6 in)
Weight in Air 227 g
(0.50 lb)
Weight in Water 67 g
(0.15 lb)
Connector Red Green
Default Connector BH2MP
Accessory Red Green
Dual Laser Mount

SeaLaser 100 dimensions



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