Pressure Activated Switches

Global Ocean Design Pressure Activated Switches are built around a high-reliability gold over silver contact mechanical switch that guarantees “OFF” is off, and “ON” is on. The customer has the option to order the unit to either turn “on” or “off” at depth.

The interior switch current carrying capacity is 250 mA @ 120 V AC or 28 V DC, 125 mA @ 250 V AC. Higher current loads may be controlled using solid-state MOSFET. The quiescent current in the “off” position is zero.

The pressure-activated switch body is made from high tensile strength and corrosion-resistant Titanium 6-4. The switch functions at 2-4 atm depth, yet can survive an over-pressure of 1,225 atm (18,000 psi). Each switch is individually tested for both switching function and pressure tolerance and comes with a test certificate.

Pressure activated switches models include:
G-117: In-line on a pigtail with underwater connector
G-120: Ti body for glass housings
G-121: Ti or Aluminum body for flat endcaps

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