Purge Ports

The exterior components are made of Ti 6-4 (Gr 5), and anodized to maximize anti-galling properties. The self-sealing valve opens when the purge fitting of the Deck Purge Box is attached. This allows for simple, unhurried cleaning of the o-ring. Flats on the body make the purge port easy to disassemble for maintenance and inspection.


There are a number of ways the Global Ocean Design purge port improves on other designs:

  1. A self-sealing valve closes once the Global Ocean Design purge box adapter is removed. The partial vacuum and dry air inside the pressure housing are trapped. This gives time to clean and inspect the sealing cap o-ring before installation. (Other styles draw air in through an open port until a small sealing screw is installed. While moist air is re-entering the purged housing, dirt and lint may be drawn across a greased o-ring sealing surface and trapped right where the o-ring is supposed to go.  This may lead to a housing leak.)
  2. The Global Ocean Design sealing cap has a robust 7/16-20 thread, rather than the small Imperial 4-40 or metric M3 thread.  That larger thread makes it very hard to over-torque and snap off. (Other styles require the sphere to be opened, and the entire fitting replaced if the sealing screw head is torqued off.)
  3. The Global Ocean Design sealing cap o-ring has a larger cross-section, making it more resilient to surface imperfections. (The other styles have a very tiny cross-section and are less likely to be able to accommodate imperfection or minute debris.)
  4. The Global Ocean Design sealing cap o-ring can be removed from the cap easily for cleaning and inspection.  The other styles require the tiny o-ring to be drawn over a sharp machine screw thread for removal and installation.)
  5. A half-dove tail groove in the Global Ocean Design sealing cap helps retain the o-ring during installation.
  6. The Global Ocean Design body and cap portions that are exposed to seawater are made of strong and corrosion-resistant Titanium 6-4.  Each purge port has a unique laser engraved serial number.
  7. Each Global Ocean Design purge port is individually tested to 18,000 psi.
  8. The Global Ocean Design purge ports for spheres are shipped with all required mounting hardware (spheres).
  9. Each Global Ocean Design purge port comes with a set of spare o-rings.
  10. Each Global Ocean Design purge port is engraved with a helpful reminder on top to “Replace Cap” so the technician recalls installing the pressure-proof sealing cap.
  11. Purge ports are available in three styles: 1) retrofit to existing Benthos and Vitrovex spheres; 2) standard clr 7/16″ D holes (typical for many bulkhead connectors); 3) for flat end cap and plastic pressure cases.

Purge Port models include:
G-101: Purge Port Spheres (7/16″ D shank)
G-102: Purge Port Spheres (5mm shank retrofit)
G-129: Purge Port, (7/16″ short shank) End Cap

Related products also include:
G-103: Pressure Proof Caps
G-127: DPB Purge Port Adapter Fitting

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