Sphere Mounting Rings and Plates

The Mounting Ring and Plate set provides a convenient, lightweight, cost-effective means to add a payload deck to the interior of your 10-inch and 17-inch glass instrument housings.

Advantages include:

  1. A proven and secure means to mount battery packs, data loggers, camera systems, and other components to the interior of your sphere. The durable, flexible joints never point-load glass, while firmly holding your equipment;
  2. Large, powder coat aluminum plate can be quickly laid out, drilled, or tapped;
  3. SS bolts secure the plate to the ring;
  4. Through-hull connectors can be positioned below plate for short cable runs; and
  5. Readily available from stock.

The ring can also be bonded to the exterior of the glass making a convenient means to attach the glass housing to a larger vehicle structure or add exterior peripheral packages.

Recommended adhesive is 3M™ Marine 5200 Fast Cure Adhesive-Sealant.

Mounting rings:

Material: PVC, Grey
17” ring dimensions: 12-3/4” OD x 1/2” thick, 6ea ¼-20 tapped mounting holes
10” ring dimensions: 6” OD x 3/8” thick, 4ea 10-32 tapped mounting holes

Mounting plates:

Material, 6061-T6 Al, powder coat
17” plate dimension: 12-3/4” OD x 1/8” thick (nom)
10” plate dimension: 6”OD x 3/32” thick (nom)

Part numbers:

Mounting Ring, 17”: P/N G-104
Mounting Plate, 17”: P/N G-105
Mounting Ring, 10”: P/N G-108
Mounting Plate, 10”: P/N G-109

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