Past Articles and Papers

ON&T March 2010: New Discoveries in Lake Baikal by the MIR Submersibles

ON&T May 2010: Advanced Underwater LED Power Supply and Light Control

ON&T June 2010: Diode Lasers in Underwater Application

Underwater Intervention 2010: Advances in Pressure Compensated Lead-Acid Batteries

Tech Note 2009: Radial O-ring Static Male Seal Design

Tech Note 2009: Radial O-ring Static Face Seal for External Pressure

2009: Recent Advances in Deep Sea LEDs for the Offshore Industry

Sea Tech 2009: Under Pressure: Testing Before Deployment is Integral to Success at Sea

Underwater 2009: Pressure-Compensated Lead-Acid Batteries for Submerged Applications

ON&T July/Aug 2009: Chemfilm of Aluminum

ON&T April/May 2009: Anodizing Aluminum for Underwater Applications

MTS 2009: Into the Trench, MTS Journal, Part 2

MTS 2009: Into the Trench, MTS Journal, Part 1

ON&T Oct/Nov 2008: Underwater Light Reflector Design – Pt 2

ON&T Sept 2009: Optimal Lighting Geometry for Underwater Lights and Cameras – Pt 1

ON&T Dec 2008: Displacing Darkness Lights in the Deep Sea

2008: Application of High Power Light Emitting Diodes for Submerged Illumination

2008: Advances in High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes in Underwater Applications

Sea Tech 2007: Underwater Applications of High-Power Light-Emitting Diodes

Sea Tech 2007: Soapbox

2007: High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes for Ocean Applications

2003: Special Issue—Scripps Institution of Oceanography Centennial

Sea Tech 1991: Return to the Titanic: The Third Manned Mission

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