Vector H102™ GPS Compass OEM Board

Vector H102™ GPS Compass OEM Board


Enjoy the simplified integration, flexible communication, and powerful, precise performance of the all-in-one Vector™ H102™ GPS compass OEM board. The integrated Crescent® Vector™ II technology offers precise heading and positioning as well as heave, pitch, and roll output.

The Vector H102 GPS Compass OEM Board integrates two GPS antennas, a CANBUS communications processor, a single-axis gyro, tilt sensors, and a power supply into a single module. The dual antennas allow for ease of integration into your application and provide 0.75-degree heading and 1.0 m position accuracy even while sitting stationary. The gyro and tilt sensor improve system performance and provide backup heading information if the GPS-based heading is temporarily lost. The integrated Crescent Vector II technology provides more accurate code phase measurements and improved multipath mitigation resulting in excellent accuracy and stability.

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