Novatech Beacons & Flashers

The NOVATECH line of Radio Beacons, Iridium Beacons and Xenon Flashers, is the world’s leading name in oceanographic recovery and warning applications. NOVATECH has customers in over 36 countries including government agencies, military, universities, oil companies, private research organizations, survey and exploration companies, salvage companies, and the fishing industry.

NOVATECH Radio Beacons, Iridium Beacons and Xenon Flashers are used in a wide variety of submersible and surface applications. During submersible applications, they are attached to underwater equipment such as ROV, AUV, and scientific equipment. When the equipment returns to the surface, the radio beacon and xenon flasher turn on automatically to provide a radio signal and an intense flashing light to assist in the recovery of the equipment. During surface applications, they are used for search and rescue, drift studies, oil spill tracking, equipment location, and warning applications.

Asset Management

Across the world’s oceans and waterways, there is a demand for reliable and cost-effective solutions to track, monitor and secure ships, vessels, and cargo. MetOcean’s Asset Management products are designed to enable end-users to track their valuable assets at sea, in real-time, and are all equipped with Iridium satellite telemetry and global positioning systems (GPS).

Iridium satellite not only is a reliable satellite solution, it provides real-time data and also has bi-directional capabilities, making this the right choice for your Asset Management needs.

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