NOVATECH™ Satellite Beacons

Near real-time data and recovery

Satellite Beacons

NOVATECH™ Beacons and Flashers are an integral part of ocean study and exploration. NOVATECH™ Satellite Beacons provide near real-time data and recovery coordinates, via Iridium® or Argos satellites, offering different options to suit individual deployment needs.

NOVATECH™ Iridium® and Argos Beacons are used in a wide variety of submersible and surface applications. During submersible applications, they are attached to underwater equipment such as ROVs, AUVs, UUVs, OBS platforms, deep-sea moorings, and scientific equipment. When the equipment returns to the surface, the Satellite Beacon starts transmitting automatically to provide a satellite signal to assist in the recovery of the equipment. They can also be used during surface projects for a number of applications.

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