VITROVEX Instrument Housings

VITROVEX® instrument spheres are composed of two mated hemispheres that are evacuated and locked into position by a sealant and a protective tape. Once the spheres are sealed, the two hemispheres are kept together by the atmospheric pressure on land and the pressure of the water column when deployed. Instrument housings usually incorporate a vacuum port to facilitate repeated sealing and unsealing actions. Parting plane sealing faces and ground flats around drill holes are honed to a precise flatness and finish.

VITROVEX® instrument housings can also be designed in a cylindrical form, together with different end cap solutions such as glass, titanium or a combination thereof.

VITROVEX®  instrument housings can be made with a variety of high precision drill holes to accommodate connectors, feedthroughs, and a vacuum port for connection to electronics and batteries inside, or releases, sensors or other packages on the outside.

Control of instruments including data up/download may be done through the glass

  • with hall effect,
  • reed switches,
  • infrared,
  • blue tooth or just by
  • commonly available  electrical connectors

Radio and flashing light recovery beacons work effectively housed internally. GPS, ARGOS, or Iridium transceivers as well as VHF radio links penetrate the glass without problem. Status lights and LCD displays are visible before deployment.

High-quality VITROVEX® glass can be polished to enhance optical properties for high-resolution digital camera/video applications.


Product Description
RTEmagicC_thumbnail_-_glass_housings_02 VITROVEX glass housings Indroduction and advantages of VITROVEX deep sea glass housings
RTEmagicC_thumbnail_-_instrument_housings VITROVEX instrument housings VITROVEX instrument spheres and tubes
RTEmagicC_thumbnail_-_17inch_spheres VITROVEX 17″ spheres models of 17″ spheres, protective shells, accessories
RTEmagicC_thumbnail_-_slef-locking_VP VITROVEX self-sealing vacuum port 7/16″ and retrofit version of self-sealing vacuum port
RTEmagicC_thumbnail_-_deck_purge_box VITROVEX Deck purge box 120/125 Deck purge box for self-sealing vacuum ports
RTEmagicC_thumbnail_manual_DPB VITROVEX Deck Purge Box Manual Deck Purge Box and self-sealing vaccum ports
RTEmagicC_thumbnail_-_manual VITROVEX Manual Handling Procedures for VITROVEX glass spheres
RTEmagicC_thumbnail_-_dhs_01 DHS spheres Drill Hole Specification form for spheres, letter format
RTEmagicC_thumbnail_-_dhs_02 PS-RO-10
3D CAD model of protective shells, (STEP format)
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