ADCP BUOYS – Models A2 & D2

Subs A2

Dimensions 146 x 44 x 58 cm 169 x 55 x 67 cm
Drag Coefficient 0.6 0.6
Weight in Air (without instruments or flotation) 23 kg (51 lb) 26 kg (57 lbs)
Weight in the air with flotation 28 kg (62 lb) 68 kg (150 lbs)
Buoyancy (SW) without instruments ± 39 kg (86 lb) ± 49 kg (108 lbs)
Depth Rating 200m 6000m
Material HDPE, UV protected HDPE, UV protected
Flotation 2 Viny floats 13” 2 glass balls 17”


  • Virtually eliminates vortex shedding effects which are inherent with spherical flotation.
  • Substantially reduces mooring excursions and inclinations.
  • Significantly improves instrument depth keeping characteristics.
  • Self-compensating for mooring inclination and flow direction.
  • Supplied complete with mooring attachment point and instrument guard.
  • Unmatched stability provides an exceptional moored instrument platform.
  • Reduces the potential for measurement errors associated with mooring movement.
  • Reduces buoyancy requirement due to lower frontal area of flotation.
  • Purchasers can utilize their existing Viny Floats/Glass balls or we can supply buoyancy.

ADCP BUOYS – Models A2 & D2

An improved mooring system for ADCPs and other oceanographic instrumentation.

Mounting ADCPs or other instrumentation in a streamlined buoyancy package reduces the variability caused by mooring oscillation typical of spherical flotation.

Few instruments have the capability of segregating mooring movement from actual data.

Reduced mooring movement decreases instrument data noise.

Reduced mooring movement has applications in acoustic, optic, magnetic, and other moorings.


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