SUBS – Model A2 Coastal ADCP/ADP Buoy

Streamlined Underwater Buoyancy System

  • Improves data by significantly enhancing instrument stability
  • Virtually eliminates instrument movement due to vortex shedding behind spheres
  • Lightweight – easy to handle
  • Smaller frontal area and decreased drag coefficient – less mooring inclination and excursion
  • Ideal for ADP’s, ADCP’s, single point current meters, optical and acoustic instruments
  • Mounting ADCP’s or other instrumentation in a streamlined buoyancy package reduces the variability caused by mooring movement typical of spherical buoyancy.
  • Few instruments have the capability of segregating mooring movement from actual data.
  • Reducing mooring movement is a significant criterion in acoustic mooring design.
  • Reduced frontal area and drag coefficient allow a smaller and lighter mooring.
  • Reducing mooring movement is a prime design criterion of optic moorings.
  • See Specifications and picture of a Model A2 SUB with an RDI ADCP mounted.
  • See a picture of a Model A2 SUB with a Nortek ADP mounted.
  • See a picture of a Model A2 SUB with a Sontek ADP mounted.
  • See a sketch of an ADCP shallow mooring.


  • Unmatched mooring stability provides the best in instrument platforms.
  • Virtually eliminates vortex shedding effects which are inherent with spherical floatation.
  • Reduces the potential for measurement errors associated with mooring movement.
  • Substantially reduces mooring excursions and inclinations.
  • Significant improvement to depth keeping characteristics.
  • Self-compensating for mooring inclination and flow direction.
  • Reduced buoyancy requirement due to lower mooring frontal area.
  • Supplied complete with buoyancy purchasers can utilize their existing VinyFloats.

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