SUBS – Model B3

Streamlined Sub-Surface Buoys

  • Compare a Mooring with SUBS buoy flotation to one with spherical flotation.
  • Compare current meter Data using SUBS flotation vs spherical flotation.
  • Coastal Buoy – Picture and specifications of a Model B3 SUB.


  • Unmatched mooring stability provides the best in instrument platforms.
  • Virtually eliminates vortex shedding effects inherent in spherical floatation.
  • Eliminates the potential for measurement errors due to mooring oscillation.
  • Substantially reduces mooring excursions and inclinations.
  • Significant improvement to depth keeping characteristics.
  • Self-compensating for mooring inclination and flow direction.
  • Reduced buoyancy requirement due to lower mooring frontal area.
  • Supplied complete with mooring tension/swivel hardware.
  • Economical as purchasers can use their own Viny or Glass floats.
  • Supplied complete with buoyancy purchasers can utilize their own Floats.

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