Trawl Resistant Shield – Model DK30


Model DK30-XxxxB
The model shown is configured for a Sontek 250kHz ADP, with a battery pack.

Product Details

Specifically designed to protect the new generation of ADPs and ADCP’s from fishing gear depredation, available in several models for any application.


  • The DK30 series is designed for use in the harshest environment. Other models are available for virtually any application.
  • Deflects fishing gear up and over sea-bed deployed electronics.
  • Recoverable and reusable.
  • Available in lowered, diver deployed, and free-fall models.


  • The shield is a truncated pyramid, built of marine-grade aluminum, with 316 stainless fittings.
  • The instrument is mounted in the center of the shield, in a gimbal with 200 travel.
  • The shield utilizes a pop-up buoy and acoustic release for retrieval.
  • A ballast of lead shot is used to balance the shield. Ballast can be added or removed as required, depending on what optional batteries and instrumentation are installed.
  • The optional mast is used for lowering in deeper water.
  • Hold-down pads and a cable passage are provided on diver-deployed units.
  • Weightless than 220 lbs (100 kg) in the air.

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