Trawl Resistant Shield



Shield L x W x H 4065mm x 3325mm x 457mm

Instrument Box L x W x H 1820mm x 865mm x 445mm

Mast L x W x H 2280mm x 1500mm x 1825mm

As Deployed L x W x H 4065mm x 3325mm x 2282mm

Product Details


Deflects towed fishing gear up and over sea-bed deployed electronics, without loss of instrumentation.

Rotates on its vertical axis in the event that the shield ever does get fouled by fishing gear. This allows the gear to be released, rather than the shield being flipped over.

Recoverable and reusable once the deployment is completed. Nothing is left behind as a bottom hazard, and costs are reduced as all components can be reused.


The shield is a truncated pyramid, built of marine-grade aluminum, with stainless steel AISI 306 fittings.

The instrumentation box, built of UV-protected UHMW plastic, is located in the center of the shield. It is free flooding and contains the instruments, an acoustic release, and high-density syntactic foam floatation to give it positive buoyancy. The retrieval rope is coiled beside the box, inside the shield.

A mast incorporating floatation and flat plate geometry is used during deployment, to control oscillation. A separate acoustic release separates the mast from the shield, which is then retrieved using the deployment rope.

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