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Flotation Sphere (IFS-142)

10” Polystyrene Flotation Sphere - 142

These 10” hollow polyamide spheres are made from PA15 nylon. Each sphere is made from two injection-molded hemispheres, providing a uniform shape, wall thickness, and density. The IFS-142 Flotation Spheres are thermally fused together. They are designed to withstand heavy blows and high pressure. They are rated at 1,000 meters.

Polyamide is corrosion-proof and more shock-resistant than glass. It can be degraded by long-term exposure to UV, and certain organic solvents.

10″ Polyamide Flotation Sphere Tech Specs


Spheres maybe are mounted in a number of ways, including SS hose clamps, rings, or net bags.  Exterior mounting rings maybe be bonded to the spheres.

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