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BL - 170

The BL-170 is our heaviest lift untethered benthic lander. It is deployable from larger ships of opportunity using a davit, a small A-frame, or light crane, or a user-designed tipping LARS. Extended bottom time is possible with an acoustic release. This lander is capable of reaching the deepest ocean trench depths using Nautilus Marine Service 21mm thick 12km rated glass spheres. Their polished spheres make excellent camera housings. Release options include the Edgetech BART acoustic release board, qualified for use at ocean trench depths. The lander can carry custom or commercial payloads, including 30-liter Niskin bottles, baited traps, the Moore Corer, and drop arms. This lander could be useful as a sample carrying “Packhorse” with ROV operations. End-user customizable. Contact factory for further details and other custom requirements.

BL – 170 Tech Specs

BL - 170 Tech Specs

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