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Instrumentation Sphere (IFS-141)


These 10” spheres work to 1,000m, providing a low-cost pressure case alternative. They come standard with an o-ring face seal, three tapped connector ports with blanking plugs, a self-sealing purge port and vacuum adapter, and one interior mounting ring and plate.

They may be mounted in a number of ways including SS hose clamps, clamping rings, or bonded exterior rings.

Standard features:

Potential payloads include:

  • Edgetech circular BART acoustic release board
  • Global Ocean Design Beacon Board (BB-122) with Pressure Activated Switch
  • Fit numerous microcontroller boards including Arduino and Raspberry Pie
  • Digital camera housing using an inset viewport
  • Indicating LEDs may be recessed and encapsulated into the surface

Instrumentation Sphere - 141

​Plastic may be drilled, tapped, spotfaced, solvent bonded, adhesive bonded, or thermally welded.

The 10” Instrument Housing and Flotation spheres are assembled into a Global Ocean Design Nanolander (OL-161).

BL-100 Nanolander frame (GOD-161)BL-100 Nanolander frame (GOD-161)

IFS-141 Datasheet

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