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In-Line Pressure Switch (G-117)

Pressure Switch, In-line (G-117)

The In-Line Pressure Switch (G-117) is like the model 120, but with a back shell and an over-molded cable. Designed for applications requiring a switch location independent of the main instrument housing. The switch bodies are made from corrosion-resistant and ultra-strong Titanium 6-4 (Grade 5). The back shell of the In-Line Pressure Switch may be engineering plastic, for shallower ops to 1,500 m, or Titanium for trench depths (11km).

Switches may be selected as:
1) ON at the Surface, OFF below (ON, mom)
2) OFF at the surface, ON below (OFF, mom)

The switch will trigger between 2-3 atm gauge pressure (20-30 m, 33-99 fsw).

Customer may specify their preferred in-line connector and length of cable. Additional charges may apply.

All units are laser engraved with a unique serial number, are individually tested to 18,000psi (Ti backshell), or 3,000psi (plastic backshell) twice, and come with a signed factory Certificate of Compliance.

We do customs as well. Please contact the factory with your specifications or application.

Pressure Switch, In-line (G-117)

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