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Purge Port for Glass Spheres (7/16” D shank) (G-101)

Purge Port for Glass Spheres (7/16” D shank) (G-101)

The Purge Port for Glass Spheres (G-101) is designed for applications using a glass sphere housing of 10-20” OD of any wall thickness up to 23mm, and a standard clearance 7/16″ D hole with a 1″ spotface. The self-sealing purge port bodies are made from corrosion-resistant and ultra-strong Titanium 6-4 (Grade 5). As seagoing researchers, these have all the helpful features we want in a vacuum-purge port. “Self-sealing” refers to sea level pressures. They still require the placement of the pressure-proof cap before deployment, so as a helpful reminder we laser engraved the words “Replace Cap” on the top.

All units are laser engraved with a unique serial number and are individually tested to 18,000psi.

The G-101 requires a clearance 7/16” D hole (29/64”D) through, and a 1.00” OD spotface of 32 RMS or greater on the exterior surface. The G-101 is shipped with mounting hardware and a complete set of spare o-rings.

Click here for the G-101 Installation Drawing.

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