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ULB-362PL Underwater Beacon With Power Loss

The ULB-362PL Underwater Beacon can be externally activated through an underwater connector. Ideal for emergency relocation of ROVs, AUVs, and towed bodies, the ULB-362PL automatically activates when a relay closes on the vehicle due to power loss.

This beacon replaces the ELP-362PL and can send an acoustic signal for up to 90 days.

Operating Frequency

27, 37.5, 45kHz (+/- 1kHz)

Acoustic Output

160.5dB re 1μPa @ 1m


1 to 2km based on Sea State


Water Switch and power loss through an external connector

Power Source

Lithium Battery with a 6-Year Shelf Life

Battery Life

90 Days

Operating Depth

20,000ft (6,096m)

Housing Material


Housing Dimensions


4.00in (10.16cm)


7.00oz (198g) max

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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