BlueView Multibeam Sonars

BlueView Technologies offer a wide range of high resolution imaging sonars. Low cost to wide angle to ultra high frequency, meeting all mission requirements.

Teledyne BlueView

BlueView Technologies has developed a suite of high definition sonar systems to tackle varying applications and conditions. From low cost units to ultra high frequency wide angle sonars, BlueView has a solution. The low impact design, intuitive software and impressive imagery are an essential enhancement to the SeaBotix range of MiniROV systems.

The BlueView sonars can be mounted to a variety of SeaBotix MiniROV systems including the LBC. When used on the LBC the sonar can be mounted on the top or bottom depending on the mode (ROV or Crawler).

A sonar for all applications
Unique to BlueView is the wide range of multibeam imaging sonar systems they offer. They offer low frequency long range sonar, high frequency short range sonar, dual frequency systems, as well as several field-of-view options: 45º, 90º and 130º.
An evolution in sonar imagery
Based on a sonar miniaturization technology initially developed for the US Navy, BlueView’s multibeam imaging sonar are commonly referred to as “acoustic cameras” due to the video like imagery they produce. Because they are not affected by water clarity and work whether they are sitting stationary or moving at top speeds, BlueView’s P-Series sonar are a powerful ROV tool.
Intuitive software interface
BlueView does not expect its customers to become sonar experts to successfully use its equipment. BlueView provides its comprehensive yet intuitive ProViewer software interface for use with all of its sonar systems. Along with the sonar display is a video capture window and location (Lat/Lon) input. All data is captured and synchronized.
Proven technology
With more than 400 systems deployed world-wide, BlueView has proven itself as a leading provider of acoustic imaging solutions, and has help make multibeam imaging sonar a standard component on both new and existing ROVs.
Depth rating: 1,000 – 4,000m3,280-13,124ft
Operating Frequency: 450kHz – 2.25mHz
Number of Beams 256-768
Acoustic Angular Resolution: 1.0º
Beam width (vertical): 20º – 30º
Beam width (horizontal): 45-130º
Range: 12, 55, 137m40, 180, 450ft
Resolution: 25.4mm – 1in
Update Rate: up to 15 Hz