Sonar Clamp

Sonar Clamp

About Sonar Clamp

This Light Weight Clamp fits all Teledyne BlueView’s standard depth and deep rated sonar. The clamp provides two heavy duty bolt holes that allow quick integration of a BlueView sonar onto an existing structure or vehicle. There are two diameter sonar clamps available depending on the model the outside diameter may be 4 inches or 5 inches.

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  • 4″ sonar clamp for all Standard Depth rated sonar and PSeries 4000 meter deepth rated sonar
  • 5″ sonar clamp for all MSeries 4000 meter depth rated sonar
  • 2 Heavy Duty Mounting Points
  • Robust design specifically for Teledyne BlueView sonar
  • Made from high strength polymer that won’t scratch anodizing
  • Allen key clamping screws for easy mounting and removal
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Manual and Support Docs

File Type OS Released Size
4″ Sonar Clamp 3D CAD STEP File STEP 09-05-2008 291 KB
5″ Sonar Clamp 3D CAD STEP File STEP 12-01-2014 3.5 MB
Sonar Clamp Outline Drawing PDF 1.7 MB